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Cash Back

  • How can I get cash back?

    First of all, you have to login yourhotdeal.com (register if you don't have an account yet). then you can click any deal links which has cashBack signs or you can click "Shop Now" on the store page. Then you make purchases like what you normally do. that is it. Easy? isn't it! you can see all your cash backs on your account summary page. please note, each store offer different percentage of cash back, you can check store detail page for the details.

    Note: In order to get cash back, you have to login yourhotdeal.com before you click deal link or click shop on store page to purchase .

    Here is an example.

    1. Step1. sign in via Login or register via Sign up
    2. Step2. find deals with cash back sign.

      Click "Shop Now" on store page
    3. Steps3. Click the link and make your purchase.
    4. Steps4. go to you account summary page and check all the cash backs you earned
    5. It is done. Easy, Isn't it.

  • what if I can not find link of the product I want to buy, How to get cash back

    If you did you find link of the product you want to buy on yourhotdeal.com, you can always click "Shop"" on store page to buy and get cash back.

  • Where can I see all my cash back?

    After you login yourhotdeal.com, you can access your account by clicking your "User Id" from the top right corner. then you can do the following

    1. Check Account Balance,
    2. Make a request to withdraw your CashBacks
    3. Check all Cash Back Transactions

  • I just finished a purchase. Why isn’t it showing up in my account?
    Cash-back rebates do not appear immediately in your account. Each day, yourHotDeal receives reports from merchants listing qualified transactions (ie, purchases that are eligible for cash back). Once we receive and process this data, the order will appear in your account.
  • How long before the Cash back appears in my account?

    Reporting time varies by merchant. Generally, your cash back rebate will appear within a few days of your transaction. However, some stores will not report a transaction until it has shipped out to the customer. Some of our travel merchants will not report transactions until the reservation has been completed.

  • Okay, it has been 30 days and my rebate has still not reported. Now what?

    If your cash back rebate still has not appeared, you can to go to your account -> order inquery to submit order inquery. Our customer service agent will process them and may open a claim with merchants who allow a claim process. All claims are subject to the Terms and Conditions that all members agree to when joining yourHotDeal.

  • How to add Order Inquery

    Order Inquery is a very powerful tool. If your cash back did not appear in your account 3 days after you place your order, you are encouraged to add Order Inquery, so that our customer care team will look into it right away. Please follow the following steps to submit Order Inquery

    1. Login your account and click "Order Inquery" on the left side of your account page. Then click "Add Order Inquery"
    2. Enter store name, order number or transaction id, transaction amount and transaction date. Then submit it
    3. Our Customer Care team will process it as soon as possible. Then will update the status of your Order Inquery. if your order is valid, your cash back will be added automatically to your account.

  • What if my cash back amount is wrong?

    From time to time, a merchant reports an order amount incorrectly. If it has not been corrected within one week, please contact Customer Support with a cash back Discrepancy Inquiry and a claim will be opened with merchants who allow a claim process. All claims are subject to the Terms and Conditions that all members agree to when joining yourHotDeal.

  • Is there a limit to how much cash back I can earn?

    There is no limit to how much you can earn in cash back at yourHotDeal.

  • What is the difference between "Pending Cash back" and "Available Cash back"?

    "Pending Cash Back" are initially posted to your account upon initial receipt of an order from one of our partner stores. Pending Cash Back stay in a "Pending" state for 60 days (based on the "Posting Date") to account for different store return policies, order cancellations and to provide ample time for collection of commissions from stores. Once Pending Cash Back have moved to Available status, those cash back can be "cashed in" by requesting a payment via Paypal. Please note that you must meet the minimum amount of Available Rebates needed to request payment which is $25.

  • Why is there a wait for "Pending Cash Back" to move to "Available"?

    Since most merchants have a period when returns and exchanges are allowed, we must provide a similar time frame, in which merchants can adjust rebates when orders are changed. Please note, merchants have different return and cancellation policies. 60 days allows us to cover all of our merchants’ time limits for returns or changes to an order.

  • It has been 60 days and my Cash Back is still "Pending". What should I do?

    Please contact Customer Support and we will assist you further. However, please remember that the 60-day period begins on the date the transaction posts to your account, not the date that the order takes place.

  • When will my Cash Back become "Available"?

    Cash back are automatically moved into "Available" status when we collect the cash back from the store. Usually it takes 60 days!

  • How do I make request to withdraw cash back?

    Go to your account summary. if you have available balance>=$25, then you can click "Withdraw Payment" to create request. After that we will review your request and process it. you can come back any time to check the status of the request. Once it is processed, then your Payment request will be marked as processed and the money will be sent to your paypal account

  • How do I get paid?

    YourHotDeal offers several ways to receive payment and is constantly working on ways to pay you faster. Visit My YourHotDeal to view your cash back setting or go to Cash Back Method to change your setting. Note that you must sign-in to change your cash back method. Currently YourHotDeal offers 1 ways to receive payment.

    1) PayPal: We deposit your payment in your PayPal account - sender's fees are on us. Just enter your full name and mailing address into your account page for verification purposes. Your PayPal account must also be verified. Click here for more information on verifying your PayPal account.

    Note: YourHotDeal does not validate the tax-deductibility of donations that you send to charities. It is your sole responsibility to document donations and to determine that donations to an organization are tax-deductible.

  • where will my money go?
    once your payment request is processed, then the money will go to your paypal account
  • Where can I view my past payments from YourHotDeal?
    From account summary page, you can see the payment you ever received.
  • How quickly is cash back credited to my account?

    Most cash back rewards are credited within 48 hours. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your cash back.

    Still wondering about a purchase made more than 30 days ago that isn't showing in your account summary? Contact Customer Service at [email protected]

  • Still have issue? Contact Us

    you can always contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues, our customer care team will respond as soon as possible.